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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Kendra on KWS Flash Cadilac~~ Big Money

This is Kendra on KWS Flash Cadilac.........Barn Name Big Money.......We won't mention any of the other names at this point. This is my North Dakota 50/50 Futurity colt for this year. Yes, he is in a growth spurt right now his withers are 15-3 but his butt is 16 hands as a two year old. I am hoping he levels out before the futurity the end of October. I started him in March of this year. Took him to the Ken McNabb clinic in Bismarck in April. I had a couple wrecks with him. I have decided at my age I don't bounce anymore I get hurt. So my darling daughter (who I taught everything she knows) laffs Has agreed to ride him for me. Bless her heart. Ahhh to be young again.
He is doing well, his trot is coming along, he has a really nice lope, is two tracking and side passing, rollbacks, pivots and 360's. I have three training horses to finish up then I think Money will be coming home in September when Kendra is busy with harvest. I just want to thank You Kendra for all the work you are doing with him. Love you !!


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