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Welcome to Believe in Dreams Ranch where horses are trained using gentle "John Lyons" methods. I Apprenticed under "Ken McNabb" after 25 years of training.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Long Overdue Post

After 38 years of training my health has deteriorated drastically. I am referring all of my training horses to Eric Olson of Reynolds, ND cell #970-376-4126 His Website is He does a great job, Round Penning, Exposing them to things including cattle and roping if that is your desire, Trail Riding. I watched him work with a 3 year old at a Ken McNabb clinic last spring and was very Impressed !! I guess my best testament is that I am sending mine to him for training.

Taylor you are still more than welcome to come put rides on my horses that need it, there just won't be training horses to ride.

Cassandra and Clarinda hope I will still be seening you.

"Hoot", "Sister", "Flag" and Kadilac are for sale it is just too many for me to handle.

I wish to thank my wonderful clients over the years, I will miss you all and to my riding lesson kids you were always a joy and it was wonderful to see you grow in your horsemanship. Feel free to stop by anytime, I rarely leave home anymore.

May all your rides be safe and enjoyable

Monday, February 15, 2010

Email is working fine now

New PC everything seems to be working.. I am learning my way around Windows 7 and having to take the back route to check my email, but hey its working and thats all I can ask for

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Very Important~~ Please Read

For some reason I can receive emails, but cannot reply to them. Please include a phone number in all emails for now or call me at (701) 351-5473 if I should have contacted you. I apologize for the inconvenience.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Karma's Kadilac 1999 Stallion ~For Sale~

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Playing catch up Again

I finally made myself sit down and do 6 new posts, sorry I haven't been keeping up. I should be all up to date now and have posted lots of pictures as well.

Still Chasing Dreams Gelding ~For Sale~

Still Chasing Dreams is a 6 year old Registered Quarter Horse gelding. He is a great Grandson of ZanParr Bar. He is an extremely pretty mover and would easily go Western or English. Yet with his bloodlines he should also excell at roping or almost any other event. He was started as a two year old and rode as a three year old, but not finished by any means. I am like the mechanic who's own vehicles don't get work done, or the carpenter or the cobbler.....I just don't get time to work with my own when I am working with the outside training horses. Flag needs a good home and a job and he is priced very reasonable. Serious inquiries can email at or call (701) 351-5473. These pictures do not do him justice it is harder than I thought to do them myself) Not to mention just taking him out of pasture where he has been an ornament the past couple of years. I can get videos taken so you can see how he moves.


This is Choco he is 5-6 years old started as a two year old then never rode or finished. I made the mistake of turning him and Red out into my outdoor arena when they first came. Big Mistake it took four people over an hour to catch them. After some round pen work that is much improved. He had real head issues and was hard to bridle. Then once bridled gaped at the mouth and chomped and chewed so he spent a couple nights eating, drinking and sleeping with it on. Big improvement as far as that went. At first I was waiting at least 10 minutes for the slightest give, but you can see he is giving his head softly now. His trot is getting better, but he is still not broke at the poll. His main goals for this week are to get even softer in his gives, learn to break at the poll and get more consistant at the trot.


This is Red on his second week.
He is 5 or 6 years old and was started as a youngster then not rode. The first big trick was to catch him and that has improved tremendously. Next was the bridling and we are still seriously working on that. He would gape and chomp on the snaffle like I have never seen before once you get it on so I did something I haven't done in years. He ended up wearing it to eat, drink and sleep for a couple days in his box stall. That has fixed the gaping and chomping we are still having the battle to get the bridle on. Once it is on the gives have improved tremendously. At the start you could wait 15-20 minutes for the slightest give. Now he is giving softly. We need lots of work on whoa and backing, but I think it is all starting to click for him now. This week we will be working hard on the bridling issue, whoa and back. He has already come such a long way.

Karlee Jo

This is my Granddaughter Karlee Jo she was visiting Grandma while her mommy was riding Money. She will be two in September. Cooper was here as well he will be three in September, but he was moving too fast for Grandma to get a good picture of him. (they are all blurry) They are both a joy to have around but wear me right out.


This is Taylor, she is thirteen and was in town visiting her grandparents. Taylor lives in Minneapolis. She was looking for some horses to ride. Boy did she hit the Jackpot here at Believe in Dreams Ranch. She came about 3 hours a day for the week. She is a great little rider even though her experience has been lessons on Western Pleasure Horses. Going fast was a new experience for her and the work involved with a green horse was an experience as well. She rode everything on the place from old broke lesson horses to ranch owned horses that hadn't been ridden in a long while. She also put some miles on a couple of the horses in for training. She fought long battles with one of the training horses that is lazy and doesn't want to lope with several wimpy little I don't want to lope bucks and hung in like a trooper.
We enjoyed having you Taylor, I hope you enjoyed it too. You are always welcome here and my offer of an apprenticeship next summer still stands.

Kendra on KWS Flash Cadilac~~ Big Money

This is Kendra on KWS Flash Cadilac.........Barn Name Big Money.......We won't mention any of the other names at this point. This is my North Dakota 50/50 Futurity colt for this year. Yes, he is in a growth spurt right now his withers are 15-3 but his butt is 16 hands as a two year old. I am hoping he levels out before the futurity the end of October. I started him in March of this year. Took him to the Ken McNabb clinic in Bismarck in April. I had a couple wrecks with him. I have decided at my age I don't bounce anymore I get hurt. So my darling daughter (who I taught everything she knows) laffs Has agreed to ride him for me. Bless her heart. Ahhh to be young again.
He is doing well, his trot is coming along, he has a really nice lope, is two tracking and side passing, rollbacks, pivots and 360's. I have three training horses to finish up then I think Money will be coming home in September when Kendra is busy with harvest. I just want to thank You Kendra for all the work you are doing with him. Love you !!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Beauty and Susie

Tuesday, June 09, 2009


Pony in training. Shes coming along alright. Im just working on her stopping better. Sorry for the poor video quality, it was taken with my cell.