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Friday, January 27, 2006

The adventures of "Hoot"

It was a beautiful day ! I turned Hoot out into the pasture today where he had his first encounter with my stallion Kadilac. After awhile the whole herd of them were running the pasture. Hoot settled himself in real fast though, a couple hours later he was sharing a bale of alfalfa with Kadilac. For the past few days he has been acting like he owns the place. He was letting himself out of his boxstall to stand out in the yard with Jack. No matter how good of latch is on his stall, He lets himself out. He doesn't make any attempt to wander off though, he just goes into the indoor arena to roll in the sand and returns to the front of the barn to eat with the pony. The first couple of times I caught him loose in the yard he looked at me like I was the wierd one and there should be nothing unusual about finding him out. He is such a character. Hence the name Hoot. I never know what he will do next only that it will probably make me laugh. He is just a hoot.......


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