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Welcome to Believe in Dreams Ranch where horses are trained using gentle "John Lyons" methods. I Apprenticed under "Ken McNabb" after 25 years of training.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Flag is bowing and laying down on command now.

Okay I am just a little frustrated. Yesterday I taught Flag how to bow down and to lay down on cue. Mary got RimShot bowing down too. We just can't get a picture to work in the indoor arena with my camera.
It was really fun, I was surprised how quickly Flag caught on. It wasn't that long ago and you could not even touch his legs and feet. Then I had to work on him letting me just pick up his feet again. Don't think my farrier would like it if the horse lays down when you pick up his front foot. I was using lifting his front foot as the beginning cue, now I will refine it.


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