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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Front Page Grand Forks Herald {Click here for Link}

I have been bragging about my "lesson girls" Well this is my son Kacey on the front page of the Grand Forks Herald. I am so proud, as always.

I do think he jinxed himself though saying his only injury was the broken nose. The following weekend at the Western Edge Finals in Dickinson he got smacked in the face by his bull. Took the horn boss right in the mouth. Damaged some teeth and knocked a few loose, not to mention stitches on the inside and outside of his lip.

Its Tuesday now that happened Friday night, He looks a little better today the swelling has gone down some and Rollin has worked on his two front teeth.
Thank You Rollin, so very much. Its for certain we would not have beautiful smiles without you.
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