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Monday, January 16, 2006

Ken McNabb

In 1997 I attended a three day clinic in Bowman, ND. That just wasn't enough, it only gave me a taste for what could be. That fall I attended my first apprenticeship program at Ken's in Clark, Wyoming. In the spring of 1998 my daughter decided to go, well I just had to tag along and was lucky to get another apprenticeship program under my belt. Truly the experience of a lifetime. I will add Ken's letter of reference to my blog. I am so very proud of it !

As a professional horse trainer, instructor,and clinician, it is my
privilege to work with many talented people.
I had the privilege of
working with Karma Senger in 1997 and again in 1998,as she attended 3
day clinics and two 3 week apprenticeship programs.
Karma is not only honest and professional as a trainer, she is extremely talented.
Karma understands the horse as well as the rider. She will help you not only
achieve your personal horsemanship goals as an instructor,she will also
greatly increase the level of performance your horse is capable of
giving you.

May God Bless the Trails you Ride,
Ken McNabb

(I have no clue why Ken't letter spaces out the way it does, could be just because I am new at this. I apologize and I will try to figure it out, please bear with me.)

Awsome or what ?

To link to Ken's website, just click on his name.


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