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Welcome to Believe in Dreams Ranch where horses are trained using gentle "John Lyons" methods. I Apprenticed under "Ken McNabb" after 25 years of training.

Monday, January 16, 2006

Originally when I began to teach Flag the drop your head cue he would leave his head way up high and immediately go to sleep. I mean for long periods of time, showing no inclination to even think about lowering it. Now he finally caught on and usually as you walk towards him if you lift your hand at all he lowers his head and keeps it there. It is really sweet to have him lower it even if you move the hand toward the noseband of his halter. Somehow when it sunk in you do not even have to put your hand on his poll. Don't ask me how he picked up on the wrong portion of the cue, but I am liking it. He is nice to bridle too *grinz*
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