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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

These are my 10 year old lesson girls

This is my group of 10 year old girls taken on a day of summer day camp here at Believe in Dreams Ranch. First is Mallory on Chuck's horse "Hoot" Your eyes don't deceive you he is big, over 16 hands. He is Mallorys favorite to ride though. This is her first year joining us here and she has been learning a lot. Sometimes we might go a little fast for her, but she has been a real trooper.

Next we have Cheyenne on her little three year old Appaloosa. She was here last year too. "Flash" has had his moments this year however and has been a test for all of us so far. He definitely has a mind of his own at times and then at others he can be the sweetest thing.

Last but not least we have Kya, another newcomer. She will ride anything up for grabs. On this day she is on my horse "Chief" He is green broke at best and lazy. She is without stirrups for two reasons one she needs the practice and the other we can't figure out how to adjust the darn things on this saddle. If determination and want to are any indication of the goals Kya will reach on a horse, all I can say is look out. This is the one determined little girl.

And here is the three of them in a pile up in the gate. Laffs, sorry to say it happens.....


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