Believe In Dreams Ranch

Welcome to Believe in Dreams Ranch where horses are trained using gentle "John Lyons" methods. I Apprenticed under "Ken McNabb" after 25 years of training.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Stump Lake Horse Show

We made it to the first NDSHSA show this year. We didn't clip or bathe. We violated my Showmanship rule and did not participate, but the girls did walk and trot. Mary did a test drive on "Hoot" in barrels and placed 5th. A good time was had by all. They had a good attendence for the first show of the year I might add, it was nice to see.

Catching Up

These are some random pictures of Jessie riding her horse "Chip" and Mary riding a little Arabian here for training, we called him "Maestro"

Lil Dee

This is a two year old Thoroughbred, That came this spring to be started to go to the track. Her name is Lil Dee and what a sweetheart.

Mary even rode her just with a bareback pad, so she wouldn't be shocked when they throw a little jockey saddle up on her.

Oh and of course that is my stallion Kadilac peeking in the door wishing she was for him.

Many Blessings !!

So Many Thanks to all those who had me in their thoughts and prayers.

The trip to Mayo Clinic was beyond what we could have hoped for !

The place was amazing, Dr Piepgras was just beyond what anyone could ask for as far as explaining everything to us, totally absolutely wonderful.

The aneurysm is below the "dura" a membrane which lines the brain so if it does burst it will go into my right eye, which will get bloody and swell, but it will not go into my brain. Which is all great news. Dr Piepgras said he was fairly certain exactly where it was. He will still have a formal reading done of the tests, but was not worried about it at all. We asked why all the other surgeons had put us into such a panic and he said he understood that. They do not see aneurysm's everyday like he does. He visited with us for close to two hours went over everything. The aneurysm will need to be checked again in about a year, otherwise I am good to go.

When I came out of there it was like someone poked a pin in me and I deflated from all of the stress I have been under all of this time. Chuck took over driving and I slept like a rock.

I really do want to thank everyone again for keeping me in their prayers and thoughts.

Special thanks go out to my daughter Kendra and her husband Chancey for taking my yearlings and my Shady Lady. It helped so much not to have the young ones to put in and out of the barn honey and you have been there to help me out when I needed you through this big scare. Love You Mom......

More Special thanks to Jim, Marian and Mary Chattin for their chore help and even running out to rescue me when a training horse came in on my way home. You people have been a blessing to us for years too, more than you can know.

Louise and Cheyenne Thank You both for spending time out here and doing chores. It appears Cheyenne made great improvement with Flash and won a big battle with him last night. I am so proud *grinz* you go girl !!

Nanette and Barry Thank You for taking time out of your busy schedules as well it was really appreciated.

Everyone voluntering to help sure made it easier for me to go to Mayo Clinic to get the good news, because I am pitiful about asking for help. Oh yea you all know that. Knowing the critters were well taken care of while we were away helped alot.

Heartfelt Thanks to ALL of you that made it possible..... WE APPRECIATE YOU !!