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Welcome to Believe in Dreams Ranch where horses are trained using gentle "John Lyons" methods. I Apprenticed under "Ken McNabb" after 25 years of training.

Thursday, August 31, 2006


Dixies War Drum
A Classic War Drum

Ms Classy Conclusion
A Classic June

Strike It Rich
Rich June

Skip Missy June
Sammy Tailwind
Star High Mike

April Skipa Star
Starry Eyed Doll

Deer Light Dandy

Hedys Doll

Hedy Bandette

(I apologize this blog will not let me type this out as a pedigree)

With APHA greats such as A Classical Wardrum (APHA Superior Halter) and Dixie's War Drum ( All-Time Leading Sire) Plus his Dam is a dominant black AQHA/NFQHA mare with a head and neck to die for. This is the second cross of this mare and sire and what a looker he is. He is only going to get better. His full sibling was purchased as a stallion prospect, and this guy is maturing just like his older brother. Black and white with movement, a super mind and disposition. He is living proof of what results from a proven cross.

This is "RSJ CLASSIC WARDRUM" He is a Dakota 50/50 Futurity Yearling eligible to compete in 2007. The purse is the highest ever at $15,400.00. I purchased two of these colts and I will only be able to compete with one. So here is your chance !
There is also information on his Sire at :

Just for a reference as to size in this picture he is standing next to a sorrel that is 15-3

This colt has been handled daily even if it was only taking him from his boxstall out for the day and back in some days. He is quiet and gentle. Leads well, picks up his feet for the farrier, has been bathed, is used to dogs and trailer loads easily. He has not been gelded yet. I usually monkey with him while he eats his feed and that doesn't bother him so he is pretty easy going.

He has been fed "Front Runner" feed and I do have information receipts for that part of the futurity as well.

Mary and "Snickers"

This is Mary and "Snickers" . Kendra volunteered her horse in our quest to build Mary's confidence. So on July 10th Mary and I went to Kendra's in Bisbee too pick him up. Kendra gave Mary a riding lesson before we loaded so she would know all the ins and outs of riding him........

When Mary came to ride "Snickers" they seemed like they were getting along great ! Mary seemed to really enjoy having a horse that could trot consistently and lope whenever she wanted. There were a few times he loped quite a bit faster than she wanted (usually after too many days off, when he was feeling his oats) It always worked out and they seemed to make a good team.

I think overall it was a good experience for Mary, at least I hope it was.

Thank You so much Kendra for letting Mary use "Snickers" He was well behaved and a treat to have around.

Kendra picked "Snickers" up and took him home on August 20th. She said she didn't know who was happier, "Snickers" to be home or "No Need" to have him home.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Cheyenne's 4-H Achievement Days in New Rockford

Cheyenne did a great job at her 4-H achievement days. She showed "Grace" a two year old with 5 weeks of training and did a super job.

Cheyenne has been a "Believe in Dreams" girl for two years now and doesn't give up easily. She has her own 3 year old "Flash" that she has been riding since he started training here as a 2 year old. She has many hours of riding in on him. However, shortly before her fair he decided to be a real , well lets just say a jerk. (children read this) So deciding it would be safer for everyone she took on the task of learning to ride Grace.

She planned on doing Showmanship and Horsemanship. Which is plenty on a two year old with five weeks of training. We weren't too worried Grace is super quiet and has a great temperament, plus like I already mentioned Cheyenne has been riding Flash through his two and three year old year and as a three year old he has had some supremely difficult moments.

Cheyenne made it through Showmanship and got a Blue Ribbon, placing Fifth. I was as proud as mom was. Showmanship is so hard for the kids no matter how much we practice.

Then it was on to Horsemanship. Except for not wanting to lope she survived. She also got a Blue Ribbon and placed Fifth. Hey not everything can go our way. You kept on trying and that is always a good thing Cheyenne. *grinz* These young horses are tuff to get going even for me.

But then they say to get the premium money you have to ride in Trail. Cheyenne says sure I'll try it. I'm skert for her. Oh well no guts no glory. Well she makes it through the gate and gets it closed. Hey I have the video (that's why no pictures) I think Grace helped with her head and her butt. It was cute. They make it over the walkover, the edge maybe they looked awful scary to Grace *shrugs* . Then the dreadful back thru. They sure did give it a go. Then there was the side pass with the tires. But it was the mailbox. Grace didn't shy from that at all, not even when it tipped over with that huge steel base on it. She was like oh are we done now and just walked on. And another Blue Ribbon. Good For You ! Cheyenne I do admire your determination. That took a lot of determination and try just to go out there and you did GREAT !!

In fact your whole day was great and I am so proud of You !

And all that Premium Money sure didn't hurt either. I am so happy for you that all of your hard work paid off over the last two years. I keep thinking of you with that great big pitchfork and how small you are ( I won't say what it is usually full of)

And one more big thank you to Larry and Jessica Hoefs who own this fine filly !