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Welcome to Believe in Dreams Ranch where horses are trained using gentle "John Lyons" methods. I Apprenticed under "Ken McNabb" after 25 years of training.

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

I ran across this picture that was in the paper last fall.
These three lesson girls are all riding two year olds we trained during the summer. On very short notice the girls wanted to take in a horse show, sooo off we went ! Everyone had a great time. They all went in Showmanship and Horsemanship (my requirement), but they rode in everything else too, from walk trot to barrels and even egg and pickle. LOL Someone forgot eggs so they used pickles, it was cute. Kendra was there too and of course she did well with Spook, and she brought no need. I will try to get a picture of the cute lil guy. Kendra also had Bruiser and Snickers along for speed events.
It goes without saying I was proud of all of them. We went again the following weekend and Lacey joined us.
A few of us got the horseshow bug and plan on attending more next year.

Saturday, January 28, 2006

"Hoot" found a buddy

Well Hoot found himself a buddy out in the pasture, it seems him and Kadilac are fast friends. That was probably the last horse I expected him to buddy up with.

Friday, January 27, 2006

The adventures of "Hoot"

It was a beautiful day ! I turned Hoot out into the pasture today where he had his first encounter with my stallion Kadilac. After awhile the whole herd of them were running the pasture. Hoot settled himself in real fast though, a couple hours later he was sharing a bale of alfalfa with Kadilac. For the past few days he has been acting like he owns the place. He was letting himself out of his boxstall to stand out in the yard with Jack. No matter how good of latch is on his stall, He lets himself out. He doesn't make any attempt to wander off though, he just goes into the indoor arena to roll in the sand and returns to the front of the barn to eat with the pony. The first couple of times I caught him loose in the yard he looked at me like I was the wierd one and there should be nothing unusual about finding him out. He is such a character. Hence the name Hoot. I never know what he will do next only that it will probably make me laugh. He is just a hoot.......

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Mary teaching her horse RimShot to bow.

This is me teaching Flag to bow and to lay down. It actually took less than an hour. Sorry the pictures are not coming out any better the camera is picking up dust particles in the air.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Flag is bowing and laying down on command now.

Okay I am just a little frustrated. Yesterday I taught Flag how to bow down and to lay down on cue. Mary got RimShot bowing down too. We just can't get a picture to work in the indoor arena with my camera.
It was really fun, I was surprised how quickly Flag caught on. It wasn't that long ago and you could not even touch his legs and feet. Then I had to work on him letting me just pick up his feet again. Don't think my farrier would like it if the horse lays down when you pick up his front foot. I was using lifting his front foot as the beginning cue, now I will refine it.

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Mackenzie on her two year old Jebe's.
Mary on Mystery. A two year old training horse with thirty days on it. These were taken at the NDSHSA show in Devils Lake.
Both girls pretty much did the training themselves.

Mary on Mystery, Cheyenne on Dee and Mackenzie on Jebe's in the warm up arena.

Well I dug through pictures and finally found one of Lacey. Here she is working my gelding Odin in the round pen. They both look pretty intense in this picture.

Only I could do this and perhaps I shouldn't even tell my secret, but somehow I loaded a 35mm film that was already done and took a second set of pictures.
The gray mare is one that was here for training. She belongs to the Rott family.
The sorrel is Flag.
Anyway I thought it turned out pretty cool !

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Mary out taking a test drive on the newest addition to Believe in Dreams Ranch. Chuck has claimed the horse as his. We are working on a suitable name.

Woooo Hoooo, Ye haw another new horse at Believe in Dreams Ranch

While taking photos of Chuck and "His" new horse I got to playing around with the options. Came up with a cool effect, It almost looks like someone drew it.

The new horse is an 6 year old Paint. He is about two hairs short of 16 hands. Roan with a big white spot under his belly and two hind stockings. C'mon out and meet him, he is super personable and a real "gentleman" to be around . He is going to be a great lesson horse here at Believe in Dreams.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Cookie way up close

Now I just need a photo that shows the polka dot on the back side of his ear. I will work on a better photo to show off his wild markings. Posted by Picasa

A Different Perspective

The last two days I have been monkeying around trying to get good pictures of four colts. They are all in the same pen during the day. Everyone wants to have their nose in my face at the same time. It makes for some real different photo's. I don't have telephoto on the camera and ended up taking about sixty shots. Might have 4 that worked
Peanut was the worst of the bunch and some part of him is in almost every photo Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Kendra and Chancey got married this summer. It was an absolutely beautiful outdoor wedding. Isn't she the most beautiful bride ? ahh I may be just a little partial.

Just had to add a couple more pictures of Kacey's 2005 bull riding. I will get some of the photographers photo's downloaded, for now just some random shots from different newspapers.

Front Page Grand Forks Herald {Click here for Link}

I have been bragging about my "lesson girls" Well this is my son Kacey on the front page of the Grand Forks Herald. I am so proud, as always.

I do think he jinxed himself though saying his only injury was the broken nose. The following weekend at the Western Edge Finals in Dickinson he got smacked in the face by his bull. Took the horn boss right in the mouth. Damaged some teeth and knocked a few loose, not to mention stitches on the inside and outside of his lip.

Its Tuesday now that happened Friday night, He looks a little better today the swelling has gone down some and Rollin has worked on his two front teeth.
Thank You Rollin, so very much. Its for certain we would not have beautiful smiles without you.
Ya Posted by Picasa

Garnet caught me chatting quite a few times it looks like we are always standing still. The second photo is proof we can at least back up, softly too. *grinz*

Mary on Rimshot by Garnet

Now doesn't this look like a happy pair ? Someday I will tell the story about what Mary has been through training him. Suffice it to say she is the only one that can claim a dent in my round pen made with her head. Gotcha Mary, LOL Bet you never thought you would see the day you could do the things with Rimshot you can do know. As always I am so proud of you !

Kya and Chief they are both learning to trot, with a little help. These photos were taken by Garnet. It was great having you visit us Garnet and I just Love your photos. The second photo is Kya on Chief too, at first we had to play "follow the leader" Round Penning makes them follow like puppies.

Monday, January 16, 2006

Ken McNabb

In 1997 I attended a three day clinic in Bowman, ND. That just wasn't enough, it only gave me a taste for what could be. That fall I attended my first apprenticeship program at Ken's in Clark, Wyoming. In the spring of 1998 my daughter decided to go, well I just had to tag along and was lucky to get another apprenticeship program under my belt. Truly the experience of a lifetime. I will add Ken's letter of reference to my blog. I am so very proud of it !

As a professional horse trainer, instructor,and clinician, it is my
privilege to work with many talented people.
I had the privilege of
working with Karma Senger in 1997 and again in 1998,as she attended 3
day clinics and two 3 week apprenticeship programs.
Karma is not only honest and professional as a trainer, she is extremely talented.
Karma understands the horse as well as the rider. She will help you not only
achieve your personal horsemanship goals as an instructor,she will also
greatly increase the level of performance your horse is capable of
giving you.

May God Bless the Trails you Ride,
Ken McNabb

(I have no clue why Ken't letter spaces out the way it does, could be just because I am new at this. I apologize and I will try to figure it out, please bear with me.)

Awsome or what ?

To link to Ken's website, just click on his name.

Zan Parr Bar

For those of you who do not know the great sire Zan Parr Bar, here is the link. or just click on his name above.

Hey I found another picture of Rochelle and Penelope from last summer. Cute huh ? What great little workers these girls are. Enjoy the winter sweetie, we have lots of work to do next summer. Big plans for you and Penelope. We need to get you to a horseshow and get you hooked too. Posted by Picasa

Here is the business card that Garnet is working on for me. Awesome or what ? I love the colors and the design, just thinking of what else to add. Posted by Picasa

Mary on her horse Rimshot. They have been working so hard even when it is cold and I am so proud of how far they have come. Mary is my #1 hard worker. Way to go girl ! Posted by Picasa

Rimshot, Mary's horse has a kind eye.

A better shot of Flag. Posted by Picasa

Originally when I began to teach Flag the drop your head cue he would leave his head way up high and immediately go to sleep. I mean for long periods of time, showing no inclination to even think about lowering it. Now he finally caught on and usually as you walk towards him if you lift your hand at all he lowers his head and keeps it there. It is really sweet to have him lower it even if you move the hand toward the noseband of his halter. Somehow when it sunk in you do not even have to put your hand on his poll. Don't ask me how he picked up on the wrong portion of the cue, but I am liking it. He is nice to bridle too *grinz*
Flag, drop your head cue Posted by Picasa

This is Chief and Kya.....Chief will be 5 in 2006. He came in for training last summer and I just had to have him for my own. Isn't he the most uniquely colored critter you have ever seen ? I call him a wannabe Paintaloosa. Hee Hee. Kya is my newest "lesson girl" she started in November of 2005 on Dee, but since his loss on December 1st Kya is now learning on a green broke horse. She is a real trooper and I think she will fit right in at Believe in Dreams Ranch. Posted by Picasa

So here he is the two year old Zan Parr Bar baby that I have been bragging about. To anyone who saw this colt when he came (even me). I never even thought I would see the day I was on him. Here he is just a sweetheart. When he first came in for training he was a nutcase. The whites of his eyes were always showing. Just look at him now, nice and quiet and gentle. I have dreams for this boy! I am still shaking my head though. Imagine me owning a plain old sorrel Quarter Horse. By the way his name is Flag. He was named by my lesson girls for the flag flying on his forehead.