Believe In Dreams Ranch

Welcome to Believe in Dreams Ranch where horses are trained using gentle "John Lyons" methods. I Apprenticed under "Ken McNabb" after 25 years of training.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Long Overdue Post

After 38 years of training my health has deteriorated drastically. I am referring all of my training horses to Eric Olson of Reynolds, ND cell #970-376-4126 His Website is He does a great job, Round Penning, Exposing them to things including cattle and roping if that is your desire, Trail Riding. I watched him work with a 3 year old at a Ken McNabb clinic last spring and was very Impressed !! I guess my best testament is that I am sending mine to him for training.

Taylor you are still more than welcome to come put rides on my horses that need it, there just won't be training horses to ride.

Cassandra and Clarinda hope I will still be seening you.

"Hoot", "Sister", "Flag" and Kadilac are for sale it is just too many for me to handle.

I wish to thank my wonderful clients over the years, I will miss you all and to my riding lesson kids you were always a joy and it was wonderful to see you grow in your horsemanship. Feel free to stop by anytime, I rarely leave home anymore.

May all your rides be safe and enjoyable