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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Mary and "Snickers"

This is Mary and "Snickers" . Kendra volunteered her horse in our quest to build Mary's confidence. So on July 10th Mary and I went to Kendra's in Bisbee too pick him up. Kendra gave Mary a riding lesson before we loaded so she would know all the ins and outs of riding him........

When Mary came to ride "Snickers" they seemed like they were getting along great ! Mary seemed to really enjoy having a horse that could trot consistently and lope whenever she wanted. There were a few times he loped quite a bit faster than she wanted (usually after too many days off, when he was feeling his oats) It always worked out and they seemed to make a good team.

I think overall it was a good experience for Mary, at least I hope it was.

Thank You so much Kendra for letting Mary use "Snickers" He was well behaved and a treat to have around.

Kendra picked "Snickers" up and took him home on August 20th. She said she didn't know who was happier, "Snickers" to be home or "No Need" to have him home.


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