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Friday, June 15, 2007

Jasmine's Progress

I will be the first to admit Jasmine has been a real challenge for me so far. She is a wonderful horse. Smart, personable and friendly, but there was a mishap where she got scared or something when her owner was starting her. She threw her leg over the saddle and Jasmine bolted or bucked or both and her owner ended up with a concussion. For over a week now I have been working just to lift my leg on the left hand side. I can get it on the right hand side (I always try to do everything equal on both sides) I can even put weight in the right stirrup and start to step up. On the left I have tried just about everything I know. I have spent time just lifting my foot starting with inches to get to the point where the top of my foot can touch the bottom of the stirrup. She is spook proofed so that is not it. You can swing things all over and above her. Then I decided to lay her down. So far I have her bowing the next stage will be actually laying her down. I seemed to have gained some confidence with this work as you will see in the bottom picture as finally I am able to step up on the left. I am so hoping this holds and progress will continue from here. This foundation is so important.


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