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Monday, June 11, 2007


This is Max, we will call him the Wonder horse for now. He is another 3 year old owned by the "Trottier" family and here to be started. I think even he "wonders" what he is up to. While we were outside taking "arrival" pictures of his partner Jasmine, we heard this loud Crash in the barn and this is what we rushed in to find. Luckily Max remained calm and cool throughout and was just hanging around. First I came up with the great plan of putting the Rubbermaid water tank under his back feet to try and give him a little leverage to help him the rest of the way over the stall. He got one of his hind legs over. He was totally and completely stuck then. Like I said. We were fortunate he was calm about this. Had he decided to get upset and freak out he would have really banged himself up. Chuck quite unhappily did about the only thing you can do at this point. Got his saw and cut the stall down around the horse. In all the years of owning and training horses this was the second time he has had to do this. Believe me when I say he still isn't happy about the first time which was just a couple years ago. Max didn't flinch a bit while the power saw cut through the boards. In fact it was hard to make him help to get out of the predicament he was in. He finally did some sort of nose dive cutting a little chunk out of his lip somehow. He had some minor rubbing to his inner I guess you might call it his flank area ? and a small scrape on his right hind. When I first saw him hanging there I was certain it was going to be a big wreck, considering what it could of been I think Max came through with flying colors.
This little escapade had however used up my training time for the evening by the time it was all cleaned up and he was all checked over.
The next day I used my chiropractic school skills ~grinz~ checked him all over. He was out in the hip area this seemed to have been something that was long term not just from his stall adventure. Once I got it back into place he was backing around following me, bumping me with his butt like, ooooh that feels so good do it some more.
I did some round pen work. Mostly outside and inside turns. It appears someone has done this work with him before. I am not certain if the owner mentioned that. It is not extensive, meaning he doesn't want to come in to me right away or seem to know what it is about for sure. His attitude is coming around. So far so good.


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