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Sunday, April 13, 2008

What a Beauty Day !

What a beautiful day outside today. Gotta love that sunshine......

I finished the barn chores and came inside to eat and relax, looked out the picture window and Kacey was in the outdoor arena riding "Flash" I went out and saddled up "Cookie" Kacey had saddled him one day last week so I put the bridle on and got on. My own horses never get all the ground work the training horses do. It seems like one day I just saddle them up, get on and ride off. I got on and he was fine with that so I started working on "giving" We did wander around, but getting him to give each direction was our objective for the day.

I spent maybe an hour with "Cookie" then put him away and went and got "Flag" He saddled up like an old pro, bridled up real nice. He fussed with the bit for awhile. I stepped up once, got down then just got on and rode around. Kacey was riding "Rockstar" We just walked for today everyone was real relaxed and it went well. When I got off of "Flag" Kacey trotted "Rockstar" I know he feels smooth as I have been working with him, but it is nice to watch someone ride you can really see how nice of a trot he has.

I am so enjoying getting the chance to ride my own horses. I think I had almost forgotten what it feels like. No pressure to have them at a certain point, just take my time. I am not taking very many training horses this summer so I can get mine ready and go to some Horse Shows.
I also made sixty days of training such a bargain I am hoping to be able to do more "finishing" than just colt starting. I want to be able to take them up to the hills by Walhalla this summer too. That is a great place to ride and is really good for the horses.

All the horses are really shedding right now so I will wait until they look better to post pictures.

Hope it is warm and sunny where you are too and that you got a chance to enjoy your horses like I did this weekend


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